Dentists: A Simple Supplies Change We Always Recommend

By Ryan Devenish November 25, 2019 Insider

We’ve been trusted by dental businesses for almost 15 years, meaning our clients are more than just customers. Often, it’s a long-term partnership across multiple services built on sound advice.

While this know-how spans complex dental environment considerations, equipment needs and maintenance issues we also love how simple decisions can make a difference to a dental practice.

For example, we find that many people in the dental profession use low quality disposable 3:1 syringe tips. Instead, we always recommend the time-tested, higher quality Pro-Tip Turbo (read on for details of our no charge trial offer).


Why choose the Pro-Tip Turbo?

protipdiagram2019*Superb flexibility, fits almost all 3:1 syringes

*Double chamber design keeps water and air separate

*A perfect mist every time.

*Dry air, when and where you need it, is guaranteed

A Global Dental engineer - Paul - explains why the risks involved in lower-quality syringe tips should be avoided: “If you were to take a close look at most disposable 3:1 tips, you’d notice that they have sharp ends.

"These, over time, shred the o-ring in the syringe. The breakdown of this o-ring leads to the air and water mixing. 

“With the Pro-Tip Turbo however the tip doesn’t attach directly onto the syringe, thanks to a clever adaptor system which stops the sharp end of the tip coming in contact with the o-ring, meaning the tip continues to deliver clean, dry air consistently.”

Another professional user of the Pro-Tip Turbo has also outlined the benefits he has been enjoying in his practice: “I have used disposable 3-in-1 tips for a number of years now without being fully satisfied.

“However, clean, dry air is delivered predictably every time with Pro-Tip Turbo – essential for today's adhesive restorative dentistry.

“They certainly live up to the ‘turbo’ name with air/water being delivered at speed. The adaptor was easy to fit to my A-dec unit and the bayonet design prevents any tips shooting off.

“They offer great value too always a consideration for disposable items.”

Order Your Free Sample Below

Global Dental can supply dental practices with a Pro-Tip Turbo starter fit (to fit DCI 3:1 syringes) without charge meaning the improvement in quality can be sampled in a client's own practice.

We also help Pro-Tip Turbo customers track the number of bags needed for their practice then have the right amount automatically delivered by Global Dental each month without individual orders being needed.



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